Series 4 [+]

  • Ep 1: Alaska Pt 1

    Micah And Rene Vaz make the life long pilgrimage to Alaska to catch all five species of salmon on a fly rod.

  • Ep 2: Alaska Pt 2

    In the second episode, the boys board a seaplane and head into the vast wilderness to fly fish a beautiful stream filled with salmon and trout, all while huge bears feed alongside! An amazing episode filled with incredible scenery and action.

  • Ep 3: Melville Island Lodge

    Melville island in the northern territory is renowned as one of the countries best barramundi locations. Micah and Shannon explore the rivers and reef to find unbelievable action.

  • Ep 4: Gippsland Estuary Perch

    Shannon Watson and Micah jump in a Hobie and explore a majestic wilderness estuary perch river deep in the Gippsland region that is reserved for kayaks only. The fishing really lives up to the regions hype.

  • Ep 5: Bligh Reef Pt 1

    Chris Baty joins Micah at the tip of Cape York where they meet up with the Nomad mothership operation at Bligh reef on the tip of QLDS barrier reef. This rarely fished stretch of the GBR produces some outstanding sport fishing on poppers.

  • Ep 6: Bligh Reef Pt 2

    In the second episode aboard Nomad, the boys fish for big GTs in shallow water on poppers, a host of reef species on plastics, and explore the untouched sand cays for incredible flats fishing on spin and fly.

  • Ep 7: Wingan Inlet

    One of many hidden gems in the Gippsland region is this tiny piece of water accessible by small water craft only. Micah and Shannon use surface walking lures in shallow water for bream and estuary perch while camping in an idealistic locale.

  • Ep 8: Tableands Cod on Kayak

    Northern NSW’s beautiful clear rivers are full of native murray cod that just love eating lures. Micah and Michael Clarke find lots of these iconic native Australian fish species from the Hobie.

  • Ep 9: South Coast Kingfish

    Micah teams up with Scott Bradley to tackle kingfish at Green Cape and the fabled Montague Island.

  • Ep 10: Mallacoota Flathead

    Undoubtedly one of the best bread and butter species in the country and Mallacoota is undoubtedly the premier big flathead destination. Micah and Mario use a range or plastics and hard bodies to hunt out the giant flathead of Mallacoota.

  • Ep 11: Bemm River

    The Bemm River is famous for producing unbelievable bream fishing. Micah and Col Thrupp fish the shallows to find some huge black bream on shallow lures.

  • Ep 12: Best of Series 1-4

    A really cool episode! Micah reviews his favorite six episodes of the last four years, both for tough fishing and amazing captures. Everything from Florida’s giant tarpon to back country trophy trout and jets skis on Cape York!

Series 3 [+]

  • Ep 1: Cape York Jetski

    Departing from the tip of Cape York, Micah Adams and Shannon Watson take the challenge of one rod each, one jet ski and one huge day! They ride almost one hundred kilometres down the west side of the Cape, and find unbelievable beach fishing along the way.

  • Ep 2: Gippsland Lakes Bream

    The enormous Gippsland lakes system is a renowned bream fishery. Micah teams up with local bream angler- Mario Vucic to explore the regions best bream options, while living aboard a Bulls cruiser.

  • Ep 3: Tassie Western Lakes Bush Walk

    Craig Rist leads Micah on a trek into the rugged wilds of the western lakes of central Tasmania. A region of wild weather, tiger snakes and large brown trout that anxiously await to sip a dry fly off the surface.

  • Ep 4: Eden Trailer Boat Kingfish

    Micah and Shannon explore the coastline between Eden and Green Cape in search of kingfish. They spend a night camping on the beach along the way, dive for abalone and do battle with loads of kings.

  • Ep 5: Kimberly/Mitchell River Pt 1

    Join Micah and Mal Miles in the Kimberly as the boys do battle with plague proportions of giant trevally, queenfish and spanish mackerel. Then they find the notorious ‘blue bastard’ on the flats.

  • Ep 6: Kimberly/Mitchell River Pt 2

    In part two, we explore the legendary Mitchell River and experience loads of mangrove jacks followed by an unbelievable session on solid barramundi.

  • Ep 7: Southern River Bass

    Micah and Shannon take quad bikes, a spin rod and a swag each and explore a NSW south coast for native Australian bass. They find fewer numbers but huge bass on the quads.

  • Ep 8: Cape York Mothership

    Join Micah and Shannon on the tip of Cape York and journey south along the protected west coast. Along the way, there’s remarkable flats sight fishing, busting tuna and trevally schools offshore.

  • Ep 9: Hinchinbook Permit

    Returning to Hinchinbrook to join ace flats guide- Dave Bradley, Micah sets out to catch multiple permit on fly, and uncover some of the myths about this legendary species. This could be the greatest permit episode ever made!

  • Ep 10: Giant Black Marlin on the GBR

    Micah boards the ‘reel chase’ in Cooktown, far north Queensland to do battle with the giant black marlin of the Great Barrier Reef. Along the way, they find a bevy of mackerel and others.

  • Ep 11: Swan River Bream

    Micah and Leroy Tyrant explore the Swan river on the east coast of Tasmania tackling the big black bream of the region. The boys catch loads of big bream on soft plastics and hard bodies.

  • Ep 12: Tongariro River NZ

    Showcasing the classic history of rainbow trout in New Zealand’s most famous river. Rene Vaz and Micah fly fish for winter spawn run rainbow trout in this majestic river.

Series 2 [+]

  • Ep 1: New Zealand Back Country Trout

    Rene Vaz joins Micah as they load all the camping gear they need into a helicopter and fly into one of the New Zealand south islands most remote trophy brown trout rivers. Hiking through lush beach forest and presenting a fly in gin clear water for big brown trout.

  • Ep 2: New England River Cod On Quad Bikes

    Micah and Michael Clark go in search of the famed Murray Cod in northern NSW. They load a quad bike with some swags, surface lures and spinnerbaits and explore the beautiful farmland rivers and gorges- its and a great outback adventure!

  • Ep 3: Southern Road Trip For Bream Pt1- Mallacoota

    Micah takes Chris Baty on a road trip through his back yard targeting big black bream. Mallacoota fires for them as they find unbelievable sight fishing for big southern black bream.

  • Ep 4: Southern Road Trip For Bream Pt2- Tamboon And Bemm River

    The Journey continues south to Tamboon first where the bream are elusive but some nice estuary perch stop by. Then the boys explore the bream fishery of the Bemm River.

  • Ep 5: Cassini Island Sailfish

    Thirty mile off the coast of the Kimberly lies one of Australia’s most remote islands- Cassini. There’s a garfish phenomena there and the sailfish are around for the feeding frenzy.

  • Ep 6: Fraser Island Flats

    Micah and Dave plan to camp out at the northern end of Queensland’s Fraser Island. A once in a century flood has other ideas but the boys push on and find some amazing fly fishing along the way. There’s a rampant school of longtail tuna followed by some of the finest shallow water sight casting for huge golden trevally you’ll ever see!

  • Ep 7: South Oz Snapper And Great White Sharks

    Chris Baty and Micah tow the bay boat from Melbourne along the great ocean road, through the Coonawarra wine region then around to Arno Bay. They find the legendary South Oz snapper then dive with massive great white sharks at Port Lincoln- it’s an amazing journey!

  • Ep 8: PNG Black Bass

    Micah tackles the worlds toughest fish- pound for pound in the jungle rivers of Papua New Guinea, the renowned black and spot tail bass. While there he finds some sensational offshore light tackle fishing for yellowfin tuna and the like, all below the smoke cloud of an active volcano.

  • Ep 9: Giant Tarpon On The Fly

    Micah and Dave Bradley make the pilgrimage to the Florida in the USA to cast a fly at the world’s toughest fish- the giant tarpon. It’s a line stretching, jumping display with a magical tarpon of over one hundred pounds pulled alongside.

  • Ep 10: Coral Sea Pt1

    Two hundred kilometres off the Queensland coast lie a myriad of untouched reefs. Micah boards a seaplane to join up with the Nomad crew out there and explore the reefs sport fishing options.

  • Ep 11: Coral Sea Pt2

    In part two of the coral sea Nomad experience, Micah does battle with huge GT’s and Spanish mackerel on surface poppers- it’s wild fishing that’s for sure!

  • Ep 12: Bareboating The Bahamas Bonefish

    All aboard a luxury 47ft catamaran – it’s time to explore Grand Abaco Key in the Bahamas. Sun, sand, and the ghost of the flats – the elusive bonefish.

Series 1 [+]

  • Ep 1: The Kimberley

    Australia’s last frontier and most majestic landscape. Micah boards a mothership in the northern shoulder of the Kimberley region to find amazing
    fishing, but even more amazing landscapes, ancient rock art, enormous oysters, and painted crayfish- its a smorgasbord of fun in the Kimberley!

  • Ep 2: Barrier Reef

    Micah boards a seaplane from cairns to fly out over the worlds most spectacular reef system, land near an atoll and join up with a fifty foot game boat.
    From here, the guys spend a few days with the reef for spanish mackerel, coral trout and giant trevally. There’s big fish, surface explosions and
    snorkelling adventures to get you enthralled with one of the world’s seven wonders.

  • Ep 3: Tassie Trout

    The birthplace of brown trout in the southern hemisphere! Micah meets up with Aussie fishing legend – Jim Allen to sample some outstanding trout fly
    fishing on the central plateau. The whether turns four seasons in one day, but watching big brown trout sipping gum beetles off the top is exhilarating

  • Ep 4: Permit on the Fly

    Arguably the toughest, and most sought after opponent in saltwater fishing. Catching a permit on the fly is the holy grail, Micah and Dave Bradley
    tackle the challenge head on.

  • Ep 5: Southern Wilderness

    Micah and Dave Bradley pack a pair of Sea Doo jet skis and head south along the Southern coastline to find a remote and hardly fished estuary system.
    Once there, they find spectacular bream fishing, dive for a cook delicate abalone, and enjoy the wilderness.

  • Ep 6: Hinchinbrook

    Micah and Dave Bradley explore north Queensland’s Hinchinbrook Channel for barramundi and jacks, then camp at beautiful Zoe Bay where they cast plastics
    for coral trout and others. The second night is spent on the beach of the Palm Island group where they begin catching spanish mackerel on light spin
    rods then find an epic surface tuna frenzy- it’s non stop sport fishing action in one of the countries most spectacular locations.

  • Ep 7: Tassie Bream

    Arguably the country’s biggest bream, Micah travels south to investigate. He meets the local bream guru- Michael Haley and together they find plenty
    of huge old bream in the remote north eastern corner of the apple isle.

  • Ep 8: NZ Mohaka

    The Mohaka is one of north island New Zealands premier back-country trout streams. Here, we load a large helicopter with a white water raft, provisions
    and a guide and fly into the absolute headwaters of the river. When we get there its ready the fly rods, inflate the raft and set off on a five day
    odyssey down-stream, sight casting to trophy sized trout beneath towering gorges and ferns. Campfires beside the river bed amongst incredible scenery
    end each days adventure.